Connor Cruise : Wiki , Biography , Girlfriend , Age , Height , Net Worth

Connor Cruise : Wiki , Biography , Girlfriend , Age , Height , Net Worth 

Connor Cruise whose birth name is Connor Anthony Kidman Cruise was born on January 17 , 1995 in Florida (USA) . He is the adapted son of Tom Cruise. His biography is no less than a high drama Hollywood script .

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise adapted Connor in February 1995 . He Has four siblings: older sister Isabella Jane Kidman Cruise (b. 22 Connor Cruise was born on January 17, 1995 in Florida, USA as Connor Anthony Kidman Cruise. He was adopted December 1992), younger half-sister Suri Cruise (b. 18 April 2006), and younger half-sister Sunday Rose Kidman Urban (b. 7 July, 2008), and younger half-sister Faith Margaret Kidman Urban (b. 28 December 2010)

Connor Cruise Wiki
Connor Cruise is son of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman


Connor Cruise as an actor debuted in a movie Seven Pounds in 2008 in which he potrayed the character of young Will Smith in which his screen timing was very less . Seven Pounds  is an American drama film which was a huge box office success starring Will Smith and then he starred in a movie Red Dawn in 2012 which is an American war film . He played the character Daryl Jenkins in the movie . Red Dawn unfortunately was not well accepted and got tanked at the box office .


Connor Cruise net worth: $5 Million


Connor Cruise net worth and earnings 2018 : Connor Cruise is an American actor, music producer and electronic DJ who has a net worth of $5 million dollar . He is best known for being the adopted son of actors Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.He has a sister named Isabelle Jane Cruise who was also adopted by Nicole and Tom . It has been reported that Connor does not have any contact with Kidman anymore and that he severed ties after she began to publicly denounce his religion Scientology . In 2012 he starred as Daryl Jenkins in the movie

Red Dawn. Cruise has four siblings including his half-sister Suri Cruise. Apart from acting, he also has a deep interest in music and has learned DJ-Ing. He has played and DJ-d in several towns and places like Las Vegas, LA, New York, etc. He is a DJ who resides in Tampa, Florida. These days he is seen being more interested in Fishing and according to the recent reports , he spends maximum of his time doing it .



Quick Facts

Date of Birth January 17, 1995
Age 23 Years 4 Month(s)
Weight 77 kg
Children/Kids Not Yet
Girlfriend Ex-Phylicia Bugna

Karina Komil

Ethnicity White
Is Gay/Lesbian No
Divorced? Not Yet
Net Worth $5 million
Height 5 ft 6 inches
Profession Actor , DJ




Connor Cruise : Adaption , Childhood , Dj-ING

  • Other than that Tom’s biological daughter Susie Cruise, who was born when he was in a relationship with Katie Holmes.Till the age of 10 Conor Cruise was not allowed to step outside his home but after that he started living lavish lifestyle , riding expensive cars and was madly followed by the paparazzi wherever he went . Earlier he used to be a very shy person and generally remained away from the media but with time Conor started answering smartly to the media questions and slowly gained his confidence back . His young career took a turn as he joined the university for his studies . And there he started doing well and then took up acting for a while. When Connor was moving ahead with his acting career, he developed a passion for music, which led him to shift his attention towards DJing. His discography includes a remix of the popular track ‘Feed Me Diamonds,’ which was released by ‘Ultra Records.’ Post its release, the track was played in ‘The David Letterman Show.’


  • Connor has collaborated with many popular artists like Andy Caldwell, The Black Eyed Peas, and The Veronicas. Another hit track composed by Conner is titled ‘Refined.’ On October 26, 2011, he performed at ‘Nickelodeon’s TeenNick HALO Awards,’ which was held at the Hollywood Palladium. Connor is now better known by his stage name ‘DJ C-Squared’ and is currently working on several collaborative albums.
  • Being a young celebrity he cannot keep away from family and friends for long and now he do have fans that too in a large number with whom he has to interact with , and most of them generally girls , I’m sure . Now Conor Cruise dom also have a twitter account with around 20k followers with arount 4500 tweets by him which justifies to his activeness in the social handle.


Connor Cruise : Girlfriend , Affairs , Wife , Height

Connor Cruise , Connor cruise age , Connor Cruise recent pic
Connor Cruise girlfriend

Connor Cruise Girlfriend , Phylicia Bugna, 26, confirmed to Woman’s Day she’s broken up with Connor after about 18 months of dating , She cut all ties with Scientology after splitting with Tom Cruise but Nicole Kidman’s only son, Connor Cruise .The stunning deep-sea fishing expert, who first met Connor, 22, during a competition said that they are no more in contact and has parted ways completely.

Scientology seems to have played a major role in their break up. Still, it seems that Conor is not heartbroken and was spotted cosying up to Tajikistan model Karina Komil .

Conor Cruise Height : Connor Cruise was 5 ft 4 inches tall as recorded in 2012 but has gained around 2 inches over the years and is around 5 ft 6 inches for now ( Without Shoes ) .


Conor Cruise Biography has a lot of ups and downs , twists and turns but it seems that he is enjoying his life to the fullest and we too wish him all health and luck for his future .

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